[Album] 中森明菜 – Belie (2016.11.30/MP3/RAR)

中森明菜が12月に全国で実施するディナーショー「Akina Nakamori Dinner Show 2016」の追加公演が決定した。


また中森が11月30日にリリースするカバーアルバム「Belie」の収録曲が発表された。本作には「ステキな恋の忘れ方」「限界LOVERS」「サウダージ」などカバー曲全10曲が収められる。12月21日には「どうにもとまらない」「セクシャルバイオレットNo.1」ほか全6曲を収録したアナログ盤が付属するクリスマスバージョン「Belie + Vampire」も発売される。

An additional performance of dinner and floor show “Akina Nakamori Dinner Show 2016” which Akina Nakamori carried out in the whole country in December was decided.

This dinner and floor show to become the stage in front of the fan for the first time in approximately seven years since a held national tour for Nakamori in 2009. Following the fact that the tickets of all performances were sold out, Tokyo, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba of December 16, Aichi, Westin Nagoya castle of 26th, 3 performances of Osaka, Hyatt Regency Osaka of 29th are held as an addition performance. As for the ticket, sale starts in a universal music store on October 22.

In addition, collecting music of cover album “Belie” which Nakamori released on November 30 was announced. All cover music ten pieces including “oblivion “limit LOVERS” “サウダージ” of the wonderful love” are put in this product. Version “Belie + Vampire is released on Christmas when all “sexual violet No. 1” others analog boards which recorded six pieces “not to just stay” are attached on December 21, too”.

1. サウダージ
2. やさしくなりたい
4. 残酷な天使のテーゼ
5. 限界Lovers
6. 謝肉祭
7. ステキな恋の忘れ方
8. もうひとつの土曜日
9. One more time, One more chance
10. たしかなこと



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